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Hi! I’m Lia, I’m a former Top 10 World Raider in World of Warcraft & Final Fantasy XIV.

Proud Transwoman (She/Her) 🏳️‍⚧️ & Business Owner

Now I write blog posts about Game Design Concepts and my Personal Reviews of Video Games on

Let’s be friends! 💜

I’m dying my hair dark green in 2 weeks.

Photo for Color Reference (I’m also in love with this styling though)

The trans urge to run away and pretend like the old me never existed.

Trans Things - Timeline Photo 

2019 | 2022 🥰 so happy my hairlines are starting to grow in.

Selfie: Dress 

I should buy more dresses… it’s wild how much has changed this past year.

Anyway felt cute, hair getting long.

Took some time away from socials for a bit and it was an excellent and much needed break.

my gender theory is that i'ts stupid and gay as hell

If I can realistically afford it, I might host @owncast on my server to do the livestreaming that I've wanted to do for years for friends and what not.

It sounds like a fun experience to toy with as well.

My day may have been stressful, but at least my butt is big. ✌🏼

Suicide & Mental Health 

The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I employ 5 people whom would be unable to find new jobs in my area if I wasn't here.

That's it. The rest of the world, my personal relationships, all of it. I'd rather just not.

I'm not here for myself and I think that's a big problem and it's getting bigger and bigger.

I'm getting really tired of being told I'm overreacting when I get treated like shit because someones in a bad mood.

I don't care what mood you are in, stop fucking treating everyone else like shit then.

It’s only me at my studio today, which is fine not a big deal.

But when people arrive 30 minutes early for their appointments it becomes very annoying… you have a 30 minute appointment slot, please come at your appointment time I am fully booked and cannot assist you until then.

Yeah I round my Hourly Employee's Pay Up to an Even Hourly Number. (I.E. 21.2hrs = 22hr etc.)

What you gonna do about it?

Yeah I round my Hourly Employee's Pay Up to an Even Hourly Number. (I.E. 21.2hrs = 22hr etc.)

What you gonna do about it?

if someone is offended when you assert a personal boundary, they probably don't see you as a person in the first place

Commissions from todays #charity stream supporting #trans and #nonbinary / gender non-confirming youth in the USA.

Some com slots are still open from myself, my friend Sixel who is doing animated sketches and static doodles, and you can still get in on some Rollercoaster Tycoon shenanigans tonight at

#fundraiser #donationdrive #transrights

I’m a huge romance & rom-com flick lover, it’s really interesting how I’m just now noticing that I loved them because it was my only way to experience a concept of being a girl growing up.

Obviously it’s not an accurate representation of life, but hey I don’t have any of those.

It’s all adding up Millhouse.

New Post on tonight, just gotta edit and I’m lazy and hungry so I procrastinate. ✌🏼

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