Mental Health 

I know she’s not obliged too, and I know I’m overreacting, and I know I’m just some girl she met online…

Maybe it’s just hormones, but getting left on read actually makes me so sad…

I hate being like this, she’s probably just busy, and it doesn’t matter in the slightest, but ugh she’s all I can think about most of the time.

I should just stop.

Mental Health 

She’s open and she honest, and yeah she’s busy, and you know the fact of the matter is, I knew getting into this that we would only ever be fucking, but I’m the idiot one here, I’m the one who was like “fuck she’s also just amazing”

I need to stick to Fictional Character’s or something.

Mental Health 

I’m such a little cry baby, like why do I feel like this;

It’s not like it was ever on the table and I respect it entirely but knowing that she’s not only beautiful, but it can never be and will never be more than physical… it hurts.

But I respect it, it was never to be anything else… I’m the one who fucking decided to have emotions about it.

Mental Health 

@Lianna you just got a little more heart in the situation

It's not a bad thing. It may be misplaced in this situation, but it isn't a bad thing to care for people and fall for them.

It sucks. It hurts.

But you're not bad for caring

Mental Health 

@magicalmilly thank you for this, I honestly needed to hear it.

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