NSFW - self image 

I just wanna make out with someone but there’s no way anyone finds me attractive enough for that..

I did feel pretty good yesterday though.

NSFW - Nudity 

It’s 3am.

I’m proud of what my butt had become so far

I uhh... did the thing. I haven't played since a week after launch and I'm starting a new, but Destiny 2 people feel free to be my friend.

NSFW: Boobs 

It’s National Boob Day 💚 I actually don’t completely hate my chest anymore.

Insanely happy with this commission by @Pandagosa — She’s not too active on here but it’s lovely.

I hate my face as usual, but hey, I love the green and I love how my hair is coming in.

Working on some things for an upcoming Web Project & Wrath of the Lich King Classic Guild — Just felt like sharing, feel free to critique I love what I’m calling the whooshy circle.

This is a really great way to change things up, while also creating incentive in Damage Role's case to swap to other Heroes when your team might need it.

I’m dying my hair dark green in 2 weeks.

Photo for Color Reference (I’m also in love with this styling though)

Trans Things - Timeline Photo 

2019 | 2022 🥰 so happy my hairlines are starting to grow in.

Selfie: Dress 

I should buy more dresses… it’s wild how much has changed this past year.

Anyway felt cute, hair getting long.

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