NSFW - self image 

I just wanna make out with someone but there’s no way anyone finds me attractive enough for that..

I did feel pretty good yesterday though.

@magicalmilly even as someone whom has always enjoyed friends partially for how bad it is, it’s wild when people think its “the best sitcom created”

Hurts my brain.

@magicalmilly As someone who lived in Orlando for years...

Even Epcot isn't worth that, it's still a themepark. Enjoy yourself.

A lot of weird business folx use the Epcot Dinner Pass Membership to eat there regularly though it's super strange.

Honestly, being alone for maybe the first real moment in my entire life is looking to be the best thing that could have ever happened.

shoutouts to everyone who's indifferent towards me. that's fair, we hardly know each other

I had been thinking about it for a while but my life was entirely intertwined and now that it’s not…

I kinda of think Solo Poly is the healthiest course of action for me moving forward, I want to love and be loved in all shapes and forms with multiple people however life throws it at me.

But I want to completely retain my independence and my own living space.

NSFW - Nudity 

It’s 3am.

I’m proud of what my butt had become so far

I am Single as a pringle, I'm not mad about it.

But it's different.

femboy scrappy doo voice: pussssyyyy POWWEERRR

people complaining about kids having it easier absolutely boggle my mind. if we aren't trying to make life better for the new generation what the fuck are we doing

Had a good time playing games tonight, but I can’t stop thinking about *her*.

It’s raid night for me, but really I just want someone to play with my hair until I fall asleep.


I just want to pin her against the wall.

Fuck. 🥵

I’ve been on HRT for 11 months, I legitimately cannot believe it.

It’s been a crazy year and it’s just the beginning.

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