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Side Note: Cute Girls make me want to try Destiny 2 again after all these years.

Mental Health 

I have severe codependency issues, and I’ve been pretty good about them in general.

But as always, I fall quick & fast.

On top of that, I think everyone has had an experience of having the “Annoying Friend” that just wants to be around you all the time

That’s me, even platonically I’m a needy Bitch

I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone besides my partner whom also can’t stand to be around me consistently that enjoys me in the way that I enjoy them

Kiera was right; Attention Whore

Why am I so fucking needy lately, she doesn’t think about me like this… I need to stop.

I have dresses to try on when I get home, maybe I will feel better after that.

NSFW - Horny 

I just need someone to fuck me like a toy.

My partner allowing me to open up my sexual experiences has honestly given me such a huge relief.

I love her so much, but we’ve never had a sexual relationship and before transition I didn’t even care about sexuality.

This is a blessing like no other.

Progesterone has made me far too horny on a daily basis.

I’m going to go to a LAN for MVS, and I need a cute outfit. 👁👄👁

Codependency is such a bitch.

I feel alone even when I’m obviously not just because I feel the need to be in someone’s attention in some form constantly.

Progesterone has been making me perpetually turned on.

What a new life experience this is.

Told my business partners about my transition today and got a universal “oh yeah, we know.” ☠️☠️☠️

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